Research and Evaluation Framework

The Toronto Central LHIN receives many requests to support research projects which are proposed by agencies funded by Toronto Central LHIN, non-funded agencies, information management organizations, as well as municipal and other governmental bodies. Additionally, Toronto Central LHIN engages individuals and organizations for evaluation of initiatives and projects. Due to the significant volume and varying complexity of proposals received, it was determined that Toronto Central LHIN needed a research and evaluation framework in place in order to establish an objective and principled process through which staff can:

  • Determine whether the proposal is appropriate to, and will benefit Toronto Central LHIN in its role as health system planner 
  • Determine the alignment and compatibility with the Toronto Central LHIN’s values, objectives and priorities for the regional health care system 
  • Ensure that the proposal adheres to a common set of principles which have been outlined in this document 
  • Establish a formal, documented process for evaluating research and evaluation proposals 
  • Assess the feasibility as well as strengths and weaknesses of the proposals received 

During the creation of this document, it was acknowledged that Toronto Central LHIN, due to the nature of its role in the health system, does not have the expertise in house, to carry out complex research intensive exercises. However, Toronto Central LHIN is better placed to facilitate, endorse and support research and evaluation projects that are closely linked to its strategic priorities.
The framework outlined in this document is primarily intended for research support requests received from external organizations or from groups applying to other funders for research support, but requiring Toronto Central LHIN support to do so. However, this framework is also applicable to evaluation solicited by Toronto Central LHIN. 


Toronto Central LHIN Research and Evaluation Framework

Research Project Proposal Form

Research Project Review Report

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