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Ontario Improving Care for Patients with Complex Conditions in South Toronto

Community Initiatives Focus on Coordinated Care, Reducing Hospital Admissions

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Ontario is working together with local health care teams in South Toronto to provide better, personalized care for seniors and patients with complex medical conditions. 

Ontario is continuing to move forward with its plan to provide more coordinated care for patients through greater collaboration between different health care providers.  New initiatives in South Toronto are focused on the five per cent of patients with the highest needs, often with multiple, complex conditions, and who account for two-thirds of Ontario’s health care dollars. 

The South Toronto Health Link provides patients with better care through individual care plans and co-ordinated support from a tightly knit team of providers that could include doctors, nurses, specialists, hospitals, home care, long-term care and community agencies. They work together to develop solutions that address each patient’s specific needs. The core of its work is to identify the most complex patients (medically complex, socially complex, mental health and addictions complexities) and build formalized care teams around them to ensure they receive effective and coordinated care. 

Providing better care for seniors and patients with complex conditions supports Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care.  It is also part of the Ontario government's four part economic plan to build Ontario up by investing in people’s talent and skills, building new public infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives and building a secure savings plan so everyone can afford to retire.


“Ontario continues to integrate and improve access to health care — making health care more accessible and providing the kind of high needs continuous care in their homes and communities that works best for patients. We’re focusing on ways to provide seniors and patients with high needs with continuous care in their homes and prevent avoidable hospital admissions.”
— Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“These new initiatives will make it easier for seniors and patients with complex conditions to get the care they need. Health providers in South Toronto are working together to improve patient outcomes for those who need care the most.” 
— Cristina Martins, MPP, Davenport 

“Navigating the health care system can be difficult for patients, especially those with multiple health conditions and mental health issues. We’ve seen gaps and duplication in care for this population because these patients don't always have a family doctor or know how to access community services. At the heart of the South Toronto Health Link is a new way of working together to strengthen partnerships across organizations in our community, so we can provide these patients and their families with access to the right care when they need it.”
— Elizabeth Buller, President & CEO, St. Joseph's Health Centre, lead organization for the coordination and development of the South Toronto Health Link.


  • Health Links have expanded to 67 in communities across Ontario.
  • A study found that 75 per cent of seniors with complex conditions who are discharged from the hospital receive care from six or more doctors.
  • In order to establish a Health Link, strong representation from local primary care providers and the Community Care Access Centre is required.


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