Reintegration Care Model Sees Continued Success

The Reintegration Care Models introduced at the beginning of flu/surge season are designed to support patients who no longer require acute care from hospitals transition home and their caregivers.

The Reintegration Care Models are spread across three program areas; Clinical Care, Personal Care and Respite Services (known as the Caregiver ReCharge program).  This program offers a mix of community and in-home respite services alongside a range of Adult day programs all at no cost to the patient.

Much positive feedback from patients has already been received and the programs have seen a steady increase in their intake of patients.

Toronto Central LHIN is continuing to consult and work closely with Reintegration Care Models providers to improve transition and flow and reduce ALC pressures across the system and continually monitor and review impacts of flu.

Seniors take part in an adult day program hosted at Providence Healthcare.

What’s next?

Planning continues for expansion of the care models at the Pine Villa which will provide care for up to 69 clients all in private rooms with interprofessional team  on hand that includes personal support workers, registered practical nurses, recreational therapists and other specialist’s supports.