Reintegration care model pilot reaches new milestone

The Reintegration Care Model (RCM) Pilot originally launched in October 2017, provides short term care to patients who still require a level of clinical support as they transition from the hospital to the home.

Available across 13 community agencies who have partnered with the Toronto Central LHIN, the pilot has seen more than 250 patients discharged and successfully transitioned back into the community supporting patient flow from the hospital to the home. 

The RCM pilot is delivered in three distinct care models. The Clinical Care and Personal Care units are designed to provide the appropriate care to help patients regain strength, mobility and independence outside of hospital to support their transition home or into an alternative care setting.

The third model is the Recharge model, which supports caregivers through the provision of specialized respite services that include in-home respite (day/night), overnight respite services away from home, and/or supervised programming in a group setting during the day (i.e., Adult Day Programs). 

To further support patients with receiving the vital care they need and alleviate hospital pressures, additional capacity has also been added to the RCM with the recent openings of new facilities at The Rekai Centre and Pine Villa adding a further 79 care units into the system in total.  These units provide a range of services to support clients that includes, but is not limited to, short-term personal support, nursing care, case management and access to a range of healthcare professionals and other supports

Moving into 2018/19, a new Centralized Referral Process has also recently been launched along with an improved referral form.  Developed in collaboration with all partners and managed by Bellwoods, this new process simplifies and standardizes the intake process across all providers and provides a matching service to quickly and effectively find a suitable care unit that fits patients’ unique care needs.

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