Community Accountability Planning Submissions (CAPS): 

Each health service provider within the Toronto Central LHIN is required to submit a document known as the Community Annual Planning Submission (CAPS). Central themes of the CAPS are service planning, measurement, and evaluation of health services, funding and performance management. The CAPS together with the MSAA, form the basis of a multi-sector year funding and planning framework.

2018-19 Q2 and 2019-2020 CAPS Documentation

All data standards inquiries for all sectors should be directed to For directions on how to direct inquiries, please click here.

For any SRI related support, please contact or 1-800-495-9986

For any questions on completing the CAPS submission, please first refer to the above 2019-2020 resources. If there are additional questions, please contact or your Performance lead.

MSAA Communique

2018-19 Refresh Documentation

2014-17 Documentation