About Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central

Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central provides care for 22,000 people every day and 56,000 people transitioned from hospital annually.   These numbers are not surprising given that this region represents a diverse population of 1.2 million people, as per the 2016 Census.

It has become North America’s fourth largest city and the population continues to grow. Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central also experiences significant population inflow -- people who do not reside within the Toronto Central geography but access services for convenience or because of our world-class level of specialized services.

We remain committed to advancing an inclusive and integrated health system centred around the diverse needs of the people we serve Achieving our goals is best accomplished by focusing our collective efforts on a single mission and that mission is integration.   This is our call to action.  When the system is connected, people receive better care and providers will find it easier to deliver that care.


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Integration encompasses a spectrum of activities that result in a coordinated, responsive and high quality health care experience. Integration means strong partnerships, sharing resources, alignment of services and communication. It can also mean structural changes as a way to streamline and improve services.

How can I learn more?

To find out more please contact torontocentral@lhins.on.ca or visit our Contact Us page. 

Health Service Providers List

There are over 170 health service providers across the Toronto Central regions.


We work to support and maintain the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act standards.

Leadership Team

Meet the Toronto Central leadership team.