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Delegations to the Board

Community involvement is an essential part of everything we do as Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

The Toronto Central (TC) LHIN engages with members of the public and stakeholders in a variety of ways. One of the important ways that members of the community can interact with the Toronto Central LHIN Board of Directors is through presentations and discussions at the public Board meetings.

At every Board meeting there is at least one presentation by a stakeholder or community group invited by the LHIN to discuss topics that relate to priority health issues in the TC LHIN. 

Further, the LHIN is introducing a policy to formalize and clarify the process for stakeholders and community members to request to present to the Board during regular Board meetings and education sessions.

The Delegations at Toronto Central LHIN Public Board Meetings Policy provides an additional way for the Board to hear a spectrum of viewpoints.

To download  the Delegations at TC LHIN Public Board Meetings Policy, please click here.

To download the TC LHIN Delegation Application, please click here. 

If you have any questions, please contact the TC LHIN’s Corporate Coordinator Sue Robertson at sue.robertson@lhins.on.ca.