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Disclosure of Expenses

The Toronto Central LHIN is responsible for planning, integrating and funding key health care services for approximately 1.14 million people in downtown Toronto. We fund 174 health service providers including hospitals, the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre, community support services, Community Health Centres, mental health and addictions agencies and long-term care homes. 

The Toronto Central LHIN is the only completely urban LHIN in Ontario and has the densest population and the highest concentration of health care providers in the province.  It is a region of diversity with a population comprised of a mosaic of various nationalities, socio-economic levels, and educational backgrounds. In addition to serving our local community, health service providers in the Toronto Central LHIN provide specialized health services to a large number of Ontarians who live in other LHINs.

The Toronto Central LHIN is committed to making sure that every dollar we spend delivers value to the people we serve.  Further to the LHIN's commitment is our compliance with the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009.  This act was implemented on November 30, 2009 and was created to strengthen and reinforce accountability, transparency and oversight of government expense claims. 

As per the direction received from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, the LHIN has created this page which details the expense reports of Board Members and Senior Staff as they engage with our stakeholders in managing the local health care system.  

All expenses are in accordance with the government's Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directives.

Who does this directive apply to at the Toronto Central LHIN?

  • All Board Members
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Senior Directors

Current Executives and Board Members

Toronto Central LHIN Board of Directors

Full Name


Angela Ferrante


John Fraser


Kathleen Gallagher-Ross


Lloyd Komori 


Carol Perry 


Cynthia Pay  Director 
Maurice Hudon  Director 

Toronto Central LHIN Executives

Full Name


Camille Orridge Chief Executive Officer 
William B. Manson Senior Director, Performance Management 
Vania Sakelaris   Senior Director, Health System Integration, Design and Development 
Rachel Solomon   Senior Director, Performance Measurement and Information Management 
Raj Krishnapillai Senior Director, Finance and Corporate and Shared Services 
Sophia Ikura  Senior Director, Community Engagement and Corporate Affairs 
LHIN Shared Services

Full Name


Kevin Robinson

Director, Technology Solutions 

LHIN Collaborative

Full Name


Heidi Hay  Senior Director, LHIN Collaborative 



Past Board Members and Executives

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