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Community Analysis Tool (CAT)

A new Community Analysis Tool (CAT) has been developed for community health service providers to submit quarterly reports to LHINs.  CAT is an excel based tool designed to make it easier for community health service providers to analyze and submit quarterly reports as part of the requirements under the Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA).

The CAT User Guide, CAT model, and Transition File are now available.  Community health service providers are asked to download and save a copy of these three files.  An additional file will be sent to each community health service provider by e-mail containing information on Schedule E which is specific to each organization.  A copy of the CAT model, Transition File, and Schedule E will need to be placed in each of the folders community health service providers created through the initial set-up instructions sent to all community health service providers on September 11, 2009.  The initial set-up instructions area also attached.

Any questions about the files and file set-up should be directed to Tessie Pajaro, Consultant, at Tessie.Pajaro@lhins.on.ca, or 416 969-3332.