Moss Park- Your Initial Quality Improvement Initiative

The first meeting of the local quality improvement team is on September 19th, 2017. Located at Anishnawbe Health Toronto- 179 Gerrard Street East. Toronto, ON. M5A 2E5.

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Expectation of the larger quality improvement team:

For a QI project to succeed, an organization must use the knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives of a wide range of people. A QI project requires problem solving, multiple decisions, and effective solutions that involve complex systems. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach by a QI team is preferred over individual decision makers. Within a QI team, members often organize themselves to effectively accomplish the work by defining specific roles.


To identify and engage an inter-disciplinary, cross-sectorial team of leaders and providers in each sub-region to collaborate and support a local healthcare QI project.

The goal is that this initial QI project will become a catalyst for ongoing improvement work in Mid-East Toronto Sub-Region. 


This quality improvement team will support the core project team that is being funded by the LHIN to attend the IDEAS Advanced Learning Program (ALP).  Each core project team consists of four- ALP participants and two executive sponsors.

Each of the core project teams will be supported by a larger improvement team consisting of local leaders and providers from across disciplines and sectors.  The core project teams will inform, consult with and use the knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives of the larger supporting improvement teams to make change ideas on the local QI project. 

Timeline of involvement:

• Engagement with core QI project team will begin in September, with the purpose of providing input to the project charter and problem statement.

• At least three additional meetings will happen between October and the end of February, with the purpose of supporting implementation, PDSA (plan, do, study, act) cycles, and continuous improvement.



Meet Your Core Team:

Executive Sponsors

  • Linda Jackson Executive Director, St Michael’s FHT
  • Ashnoor Rahim Vice President Community Care Unit, WoodGreen

Advanced Learning Program Participants

  • Joyce Rankin, Clinical Manager, Street Health
  • Nalini Pandalangat, Director of Newcomer Health & Specialty Services,  Sherbourne Health Centre
  • Nicole Kirwan, Clinical Leader Manager, St. Michael's Hospital
  • Adrien Levesque, Health promoter, Anishnawbe Health Toronto

East Toronto Primary Care Clinical Lead

  • Dr. Curtis Handford

LHIN Contact:

Ryan Hinds
Corporate Planner and Project Specialist
Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network