A Great Opportunity: The Progress Place Transitional Employment Program

On March 1, I attended “Taking Care of Business,” a breakfast event hosted by Progress Place to celebrate their Transitional Employment Program. At the event, the Toronto Central LHIN was recognized for our decade-long participation in the program as an employer offering people living with mental illness an opportunity to return to work as part of their journey to recovery. If you’re not familiar with the program you should definitely read on—Progress Place is looking for new employers to partner with them, and the benefits are tremendous.

Progress Place is a Toronto Central LHIN health service provider and the Transitional Employment Program is what the agency calls the “backbone” of their offering. It supports a range of participants with a variety of backgrounds who share in common that their employment has been interrupted as a result of their mental health issues. The program helps place people in jobs that offer them an opportunity to do something that is valued by the organization, at the same time rebuilding their confidence and stamina and rounding out their résumés, with the goal of ultimately supporting them to gain permanent employment.

At the event Susan shared some words from past participant Suzanne Geddes, who spoke about how the Program had helped change her life: “By working and contributing to society, I had a new direction in life.  I felt more capable and hopeful for the future.  The support and encouragement I received from Progress Place and the experience of working at the Toronto Central LHIN helped prepare me for independent work in the community.”

Progress Place forms partnerships with different companies in different fields (Deloitte and Winners are just two examples), identifying work that is important and necessary, but which doesn’t require a lot of specialized knowledge or training. At Winners, for example, participants may do things like re-tag and re-shelf items that have been returned. At the Toronto Central LHIN, we’ve been fortunate to have approximately 20 different Progress Place members working here over the years working on our filing, and their contributions have been—and continue to be—invaluable.

If you are interested in exploring the program, contact Progress Place today. You’ll benefit from the dedicated work of a motivated employee, and Progress Place will support you as an employer in onboarding them. And you’ll be helping change a person’s life—which is perhaps the most satisfying benefit of all.

To find out more about the program, please call Andy Lenio at (416) 323-0223. You can also find out more about becoming an Employment Partner here. 


Progress Place Breakfast


At the “Taking Care of Business,” a breakfast event hosted byProgress Place