Toronto Central LHIN has launched an integrated community care strategy as part of our 2015-18 Strategic Plan and in partnership with the work underway to strengthen primary care. Moving toward integrated community care requires collaboration across many stakeholders, and must be guided by a shared vision for health service delivery that responds to local needs. Integrated Community Care will build on the existing investment in our home and community care sectors, including Community Support Services, Community Mental Health and Addictions, and the Community Care Access Centre. 

The Integrated Community Care strategy is a client-centred, highly coordinated system of care that is easy to navigate and easy to access for clients and caregivers.

Taking a collaborative co-design approach that mobilizes the community, involving clients and families, front line staff and Primary Care, we will develop:

• A bold new Vision to advance Integrated Community Care that for the first time brings together all of the great improvement and integration work that has been done in Community Support Service, Mental Health and Addiction, and the CCAC, and

• A Road map that sets in motion practical improvements for clients and families in how they access and experience community care, and that mobilizes and energizes the sector around integration opportunities.

Home and Community Care Leads within each sub-region will be key partners in the development of the vision and road map, engage local partners to help facilitate change in their respective communities.

An engagement and co-design strategy is being set up to help us ensure that we design a system that is ‘through the eyes of clients’, and the home and community care sub-region leads are working  to build bridges across the all of the integration activities that are already underway across Toronto Central.

On December 13th 2016 the Toronto Central LHIN and its partners hosted the Integrated Community Care road map summit. The summit brought together over 200 clients and caregivers, primary care providers, community partners, and health leaders to collaboratively shape the Integrated Community Care vision and road map for the Toronto Central LHIN.

During the full day summit, participants were engaged through hands-on activities and co-design techniques, allowing them to contribute their experience and insights to provide feedback on the Integrated Community Care team’s strategy and generate solutions for a more integrated system of care.

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