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What needs to be done in the next three years?

Building on insights from the HAPS task forces and PSI, Toronto Central LHIN has identified the following four initiatives. There is much more that can and should be done to improve the value and affordability of health care; these initiatives provide a good starting point to build on.

Initiative #1
Integrate Value and Affordability collaboration in the annual cycles of all health service providers.

Actions that will drive this initiative

Building on the work of the HAPS Value and Affordability task forces and PSI, work relating to this initiative will include:

  • Complete business plans and early implementation of HAPS Value and Affordability initiatives.
  • Initiate a Clinical Efficiency and Utilization review in the hospital sector.
  • Initiate Value and Affordability task forces in the non-hospital sectors, identify priorities, and begin business plans.

Initiative #2
Increase the proportion of supplies purchased through joint buying groups.

Actions that will drive this initiative

In line with directions in the Ontario government’s 2009 budget, the Toronto Central LHIN will:

  • Require all hospitals to be part of a buying group by year 2011/12.
  • Explore opportunities among community agencies to tap into the benefits of shared supply chain management.

Initiative #3
Improve data quality relating to value and affordability.

Actions that will drive this initiative

Value and affordability discussions are hampered by limited comparable information on which to base decisions. In IHSP-2, information will be strengthened through:

  • Working with Decision Support leaders to ensure reporting standards and information will allow for ongoing benchmarking and comparative analysis between organizations.
  • Working with non-hospital sectors to identify priorities for data capture relating to value and affordability.