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Toronto Central LHIN 2010 – 2013 Integrated Health Service Plan


Delivering High-Value Local Health Care through Collaborative Action

The Toronto Central LHIN 2010 - 2013 Integrated Health Service Plan – or IHSP-2 – is a bold and focused strategy for improving health care services in the local area. It builds on the first Toronto Central LHIN Integrated Health Service Plan launched in 2006 and is part of the Ontario government's much broader goal of having a consistent, well-coordinated provincial system of health services.

As the only completely urban and most socially and economically diverse LHIN in the province, the Toronto Central LHIN faces complex health care challenges today and in the years ahead. This Plan presents a clear course of action for transforming the Toronto Central LHIN health care system into one fully capable of meeting these challenges.

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Driving local and system change through five priorities

Different roles, different needs
The people served by the Toronto Central LHIN are clients, residents, patients, families or caregivers. At times, some people play a number of these roles simultaneously.
The IHSP-2 recognizes that different solutions are needed to respond to people’s specific needs, circumstances and values.

The IHSP-2 is organized around five areas of priority that address critical local health care issues and reflect the provincial government's plan for health care:

These priorities are catalysts for broader system change, with most priority actions designed to make the system work more effectively for people with the most critical and complex health care needs who require the vast majority of the LHIN's health care resources. Specifically, these are the LHIN's frail seniors, medically fragile children, and individuals with complex or chronic diseases, serious mental illness, addictions, or life-threatening diseases or injuries.

A shared Plan and shared commitment to change

The changes outlined in this Plan and the challenges inherent in realizing them call on the commitment, ideas and effort of everyone in the Toronto Central LHIN, from organization leaders and health care staff to clients, patients and community members. The success of the 2010 - 2013 Integrated Health Service Plan depends on individuals and organizations working together to create a better health care system for all.