Toronto Central LHIN has implemented the Electronic Coordinated Care Planning (eCCP) which will automate the paper Coordinated Care Plan (version 2) developed by Health Quality Ontario (HQO).   

The goal of eCCP is to allow members of the circle of care within different health service providers  to collaborate securely and efficiently by creating, updating, sharing, and viewing a client’s coordinated care plan electronically. 

To support the implementation of eCCP the Health Partner Gateway (HPG) web-based application, hosted by Health Shared Services Ontario (HSSO) is being utilized which will allow secure exchange of health information between HSPs and their partners, including Toronto Central LHIN Home and Community Care team members. The tool will enable all partners involved in the clients care to collaborate on clients coordinated care plan in real-time.

The project was initiated in winter 2018 and will begin with HSPs identified by sub-region teams. 

How will eCCP benefit clients and caregivers?

  • Creates better care experience by enabling providers to proactively respond to client needs with access to up-to-date information and version control of the eCCP
  • Clients can have timelier access to their CCP as information is efficiently shared and updated electronically across service providers and clinicians
  • Increased security of client Personal Health Information (PHI) by minimizing paper copies containing PHI

How will eCCP benefit Health Service Providers and clinicians? 

  • Reduce administrative burden by minimizing faxing and automating the process of creating, updating and sharing CCPs
  • Provide faster access to the client’s CCP through a centralized location
  • Provide real time notification on CCP updates through email notifications
  • Support the ability to share plans with participants that are not yet using the electronic system through exportable and printable PDFs
  • Providers will have access to view a summary of Home Care client records through the HPG

eCCP Registration and Consent Forms

Important– The eCCP Registration and Consent Forms are to be completed and faxed to 416-506-0374 if the client is consenting to an electronic Coordinated Care Plan

If the client wishes to proceed with Coordinated Care Planning but not using the electronic solution, please proceed with the existing paper process. The Health Quality Ontario Coordinated Care Plan (version 2.0) can be downloaded here

Organizations live with eCCP 

Organization Programs
  •  Outreach Program
  • Toronto East Integrated Service Team (TE IST)
  • Toronto West Integrated Service Team (TW IST)
  • Positive Service Coordination
 Fife House
  • Sherbourne Apartments
  • Transitional Housing Program
  • Denison and Jarvis Sites
  • Huntley & Homeless Initiatives
  • Seaton House PSW Program
Fred Victor Place
  • CSS West
  • CSS West Somali Program
  • Stop Program
  • DHG
  • HOP
  • ASH
  • Court Program
  • MDOT
  • Drop-in Services
  • Transitional Housing program



Progress Place
  • Clubhouse
  • Full Circle
Parkdale Queen West
  • Primary Care
  • Urban Health

Sherbourne Health



 West Neighborhood House


The Neighbourhood Group

 Unity Health
  •  Providence and St. Joseph
 University Health Network  
  •  Telemedicine Impact Plus
 St.Stephen's Community House  
  • Urban Health and Homelessness Services 

More Information

If you have any further questions, please refer to the FAQ’s below or contact Toronto Central LHIN Digital Health at

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General Inquiries:

Inquiring about an eCCP Registration status or following up to provide additional information on a client's eCCP?
Toronto Central LHIN Information and Referral Team: 416-506-9888

Inquiring about the eCCP Consent Form, use and disclosure of a client's personal health information?
Toronto Central LHIN Privacy Office:

Inquiring about Coordinated Care Planning within your area?
North Toronto:
Mid-East Toronto:
West Toronto: